The Challenge Method to Get More Clients

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get more clients

There are so many ways to turn prospective clients into paying customers, but the most effective marketing method that my agency uses to get more clients is the Challenge Method.  This method is an awesome way to fill your groups, your webinars, and get people to trust you enough to buy your products or services. … Read more »

45 Powerful Books to Read in 2019

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45 powerful books read in 2019

Reading is perhaps our most indispensable gift—not only does it keep our minds sharp and focused, but it’s also our greatest resource for absorbing information. The power of learning is what pushes us, elevates us, and enables us to achieve our dreams, both personally and professionally. Thankfully, there are countless books from which to draw… Read more »

Finding Your Brand Voice

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brand voice

A lot of the time, when we think about our brand voice, we put it last on our priority list, or we think, “Oh, it’ll just happen on its own.” But putting time into developing your brand voice is what can differentiate you from the competition. People often shy away from this topic because when… Read more »