Writer’s Block? – What To Put In a Newsletter

We’ve talked a lot about how to gather emails for a mailing list. Today I want to chat about what to put in a newsletter each week so you can keep your subscribers active.

What to put in a newsletter:

1. Blog Post – Highlight your latest blog post or piece of content that your audience would enjoy. This is a great thing to put in a newsletter. Give your audience a sneak peak of the content with a link back to your site to drive traffic.

2. Don’t Be So Formal– Envision writing an email to one specific customer. Your language will be more relaxed and your readers will feel a connection with you.

3.Bulleted List – No long paragraphs. Keep it short and simple and easy to scan.

4. Testimonials – A testimonial is my favorite thing to put in a newsletter. It’s a sneaky way of showing people how good you are at your craft while demonstrating a point.
My final point on newsletters, don’t forget to be consistent. Consistency is key and will keep your newsletter subscriber rate down. Now you now what to put in a newsletter, get out there and get to sending.

Author: Lindsey Anderson

I am One Click Lindsey. I'm a web strategy expert working with small business owners to help them utilize the web to produce more website traffic and leads.

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