Weebly Free Plan Review: Can you really get a website for FREE using Weebly?

Weebly is a very well known CMS that I get asked about a lot. I decided to take a dive into Weebly FREE Plan to see if you really could get a decent website FOR FREE!  Check out the short video to see what I was able to create with Weebly.

Weebly Free Plan Review:

This is only a review of the WEEBLY FREE PLAN.

Criteria Rating Comment
Ease of Use
Ease of Use
 Very user friendly!
Template Selection  Template Selection  Lots of templates to pick from.
Mobile Friendly  Mobile Friendly Amazing way to customize your mobile version.
Advertisements  Advertisements Only a small advertisement at the bottom of the site.
Navigation  Navigation Unlimited pages, easy to create and manage navigation.
Widgets  Widgets Lots of widgets to pick from like reservations and forums.
Blog  Blog  Easy to use blog!
Analytics  Analytics You can use their basic stats or plugin Google Analytics.
Contact Form  Contact Form Easy to use.  I love how they keep a list of everyone who filled out the form for you to access.
HTML Code  HTML Code Easy way for an advanced web developer to put in custom code.
Fun Factor  Fun Factor Very fun and easy to use!
Support  4 I called support to ask about the free plan and domain names. The gentleman I talked with was very professional and helpful.  He did not care that I was on the free plan.  They get four stars because the first three times I called them I was put on hold and disconnected.
Search Engine Friendly Search Engine Friendly Weebly has taken special consideration to allow you to modify the important SEO tags.  It should be great for a non-competitive SEO campaign.  However, domain name is a huge factor in SEO so if you really are using the FREE plan &  have weebly.com as part of your domain name, that will hurt SEO.
Domain Name  Domain Name You cannot hook up  a FREE Weebly website to a domain name that you do not purchase from them. They charge $40.00 per year for a domain name through them OR you can upgrade to their basic $5.00 per month plan. That means you cannot have yourdomainname.com without paying an extra fee.  You would have to use mycompany.weebly.com if you wanted to stay truly free.
Overall Rating Overall Rating Weebly’s FREE version would be a great tool for a simple corporate website.  It’s a great tool and worth a look. I give it four stars because to really be a professional company you can’t have weebly.com as part of your domain name.

Summary:  As you can see, Weebly’s only downfall is the domain name issue.  However, these guys have to be making some money somewhere so I can’t really hold it against them.  I recommend Weebly FREE Plan if you just need a quick, cheap, professional looking website without any bells or whistles and you are fine with weebly.com being part of your domain name.

Author: Lindsey Anderson

I am One Click Lindsey. I'm a web strategy expert working with small business owners to help them utilize the web to produce more website traffic and leads.

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  1. super great information for a startup business. :). Keep the great videos coming!

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  2. I created a free one-page site with weebly to promote my book a few weeks ago. It took me about an hour to build (super easy) and the site receives traffic although I don’t spend any money promoting it. Take a look – http://silkejager.weebly.com/
    If you want to be taken serious as a blogger though you will need to spend the money on your own domain name.

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    • Silke! I’m impressed by the site you created in Weebly. I also love the video on the site. I wish all my clients would do video. What a great idea for a book. I will have to tell all of my friends, they are all crafters.

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