Online Marketing: Quality over Quantity

I had a client that really wanted to purchase some email addresses this week so her list would be bigger and she’d have more people to market to. I had to talk her down from the ledge and let her know that her list, although smallish, was really engaged and wanted to hear from her. If she added a bunch of strangers, people who didn’t ask to hear from her, it would do her very little good. It may produce a few sales initially, but overall her list quality would suffer and they would never be good long term clients.

My first blog post ever, called “Nobody Likes Me and I’m Fine With That,” discussed how I felt just starting my Facebook page with no fans. I also made the video below because you can’t have enough reminders. In all things online marketing, it’s quality over quantity.

Author: Lindsey Anderson

I am One Click Lindsey. I'm a web strategy expert working with small business owners to help them utilize the web to produce more website traffic and leads.

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  1. Excellent video on Quality over Quantity Lindsey. I can’t tell enough how many times I push this needed concept to our customers. Having a clean responsive email list is not only profitable but also fun to own.

    Jose Lopez

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    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Jose. Your business sounds interesting… we should set up a time to chat.

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