Larry – Facebook on $1.00 per Day

Summary:Larry is a Tennis Pro. He teaches tennis and manages huge tennis programs all over the country. He wants to take this expertise and monetize it by creating a following and selling products. You can see his Facebook page here: // Step 1: Create an audience and build trust by posting awesome content.

The Problems: Larry is not exactly a wizard when it comes to computers, especially social media. Up to this point, his facebook account has been used to view pictures of his grandkids. Paying for ads just to get people to follow his page is a hard concept for him to embrace, so he’s given me a strict budget of $1/day. I feel the concept of accumulating fans and monetizing that fanbase at a later date is going to be a difficult motivator for him. I also want him to do videos, because he’s great on camera and people really respond to him, but it’s going to take some prodding to get those done.

Larry Haugness

Larry Haugness

The Positives: Larry may not be very social on Facebook, but in real life, he’s the bell of the ball. He knows a lot of people, and they all love him, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get his old friends following him and commenting. He also has a TON of content. He’s written many articles and done tennis tips for local news stations before, so it shouldn’t be a problem coming up with good content to publish.

Current Goals: His Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter sites are up, so now it’s just a matter of building the Larry Haugness brand. We got a couple introduction videos done and some content published, and people have responded really well. At a dollar a day, I’ve been able to grow his fan base by about 4 fans a day. In the next month, I’d like to get at least one more video published, but my goal is for two. The goal that I feel is the most challenging is keeping Larry invested. The concept of building a fan base and establishing your expertise is a difficult one for some people to grasp. Larry was VERY excited when we started, but I do have a real fear that a week or two down the road, he’s going to view this as less of an “exciting opportunity” and more of a “pointless chore”.

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