Hot Or Not Website: Is Your Website Hot or Not?

Today I want to be short and sweet. Go to your website and make an unbiased judgment on if you have a hot or not website. If the answers “NOT” … keep reading.

hot or not websiteI know we are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but everybody does it, and for good reason! Let’s say you walk into a store, and it’s filthy and there is clutter everywhere and some strange odor. Chances are, you are not going to be staying there for very long; after all, if that is how they present their store, how good will their service be? People are making those same quick judgments about you and your company based on your website. Is your website aesthetically pleasing? Does it look professional? Is it up-to-date, not only in information but in style? Honestly, today there are so many virtually “free” options to create a great website with a variety of customizable templates, you have ZERO excuses to have an ugly website.

Here are a few previous blog examples for you to check out if you want to know more:

Weebly offers a FREE website plan that can easily replace your ugly site.

If you have a little budget, go with a WordPress Template. I outline all of the steps here.

Author: Lindsey Anderson

I am One Click Lindsey. I'm a web strategy expert working with small business owners to help them utilize the web to produce more website traffic and leads.

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