Google Offers Free Adwords Help

Thinking of dipping your toe into adwords? Why not get Google to give you some adwords help… FOR FREE! They are more then happy to set up your campaign for you. Watch this video to find out more.

Google Adwords can be overwhelming because you can spend money so quickly without knowing what you are doing. Let me give you a little secret, log into Google Adwords. Do your very best at setting up a adwords campaign without help. Shortly after you have your adwords campaign set up, a very nice Google Representative will call you to provide adwords help. Accept their adwords help. It’s awesome. At the end of the convo, the adwords representative will offer more adwords help in he form of setting up a professional campaign for you. When they are done, you will then have a professional adwords campaign to base all your other campaigns.

Author: Lindsey Anderson

I am One Click Lindsey. I'm a web strategy expert working with small business owners to help them utilize the web to produce more website traffic and leads.

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  1. Ups… Someone will call me! I am planing to start an adWord ads soon to check which search terms give the lowest bounce rates. So I’ll have a real conversation with someone from Google! It means there are not only machines in there 🙂

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